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   ★ Fractionating Distillation Apparatus for
                                                                   Recycle Solvent

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Precision distillation of the collected solvents (reaction solvent, extractionsolvent, chromatography solvent, etc.) is carried out, and it aims at refining and reusing
in high purity.

Since distillation column, still flask and over-head section are made into stainless-steel SUS316 structure,
it is corrosion resistance, and is no worries about breakage and is safe.

There are possible of arbitrary variable of the degree of fractionating, column heating control, and automatic ending of the distillation.

Still flask capacity : 5L, 10L, 20L
The number of theoretical plate : 5plates, 15plates,
   30plates, etc.
Distillation pressure : atmospheric-pressure distillation
Distillation temperature : room-temperature ~ 300
Distillate receiver : 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L
Also type which carries out automatic division of a
   first fraction and the main fraction, and can carry out
   automatic operation control of them as a sister
   machine. It is.