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   ★ Oxy-Hydrogen Combustion Apparatus

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It is the combustion equipment for carrying out the fixed quantity of various halogens and the total sulfur in a sample, or very small quantity.

It can be used for detection wide range to 1ppm-300ppm. And detection is possible to ppb order by the combined use with ion-chromatography.

It is the equipment of conformity to JIS, ASTM, and UOP each standard.

Standard equipment of the oil-less vacuum pump which is equal to suction of high-concentration oxygen is carried out.

Model : TSN-L for liquid samples
TSN-LG for liquid and gas samples
TSN-LS for liquid and solid samples
TSN-LGS for liquid, gas and solid samples
TSN-GC for fuel gases
Combustion speed : 5g/min at n-Hexane