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         ★ Fractionating Distillation Apparatus
                                  (Spinning-Band Type)

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Hold-up and pressure-drop are small with the high plate number, and it is precision distillation and the highly efficient equipment which fitted the cut of the very-small-quantity impurities etc. very much of a very small sample.

It is commonly called a Spinning-Band formula, the thing and fragrance which tend to carry out on characteristic heat decomposition are begun, and they are distillation of the difficult sample of treatment, and the equipment of the distillation specialty for the sample that is needed high plate number.

The number of theoretical plate : a maximum of 100
   or more plates
Hold-up : 2.5mL
Sample still flask : 50,100,200mL 10mLs (option)
Distillation column : 6φ and 8φ, each two kinds
Measurement and control :
     six point temperature  recorders,
    automatic column heating control,
    pressure control system,
    reflux ratio setting,
    automatic total reflux,
    automatic shut-down function, etc.