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        ★ Automatic Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

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The atmospheric conversion of IBP automatic detection, built-in water bath automatic temperature control circulation, six kinds of arbitrary selection end condition setup, the amount measurement of distillates for every 1mL, automatic distillates speed control, and distillates temperature etc. is the automatic distillation equipment of computer measurement and control.

Distillates temperature, the AET, pressure value, the amount of distillates and distillates speed, the amount of still heating, etc. are expressed as real time during distillation.

Conformity standard : ASTM D1160, JIS K2254
Distillation temperature : ~ 600
  (atmospheric converted temperature
Distillation pressure : 0.01 ~ 1.33kPa
  (1.4 or more kPa option)
Printing : data printing and distillation curve drawing
Computer : A note type or desktop type
Sister machine : NSRII type in which a fractionation is possible