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        ★ Automatic Distillation Apparatus for Crude Petroleum
                                  (ASTM D2892 conformity)

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Crude oil or reaction generation oil is prepared to a still, and automatic shift in a reducing pressure, automatic heating boil-up control, automatic changing temperature of cooling water, automatic division of distillates liquid, distillation data preservation, etc. are performed from a atmospheric only at the start from a keyboard.

Measurement and control are automatically carried out from a part for LPG fraction to the distillates of heavy oil, and temperature, pressure, and the situation of each controlled operation are displayed on a display at any time, and can be checked.

Furthermore, the collection of reorganization of data after distillation etc. is made.

The number of theoretical plate : 14 ~ 18 plate
Distillation temperature : ~ 450
   (atmospheric converted temperature)
Distillation pressure : atmosphere ~ 0.13kPa
Still flask capacity : 0.5 ~ 15L
  (20L,50L,100L are also good)
Division fraction : 10 division or 20 division