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                    In our living environment, there are a lot of different kinds
                    of liquid, such as water, oil, gasoline, light oil, vegetable oil,
                    cosmetics, perfume and many other liquids which emit various
                    colors, fragrance, aroma or stench.

                    It may not be so difficult to separate gases, or solid materials
                    such as powder, fragment or particles from liquid.

                    However, it requires special separation technology, called
                    "Distillation", in order to take out components from vegetable
                    oil, or to separate gasoline, kerosene, light oil or heavy oil from
                    crude oil.

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One of the important tasks of our company is to develop distillation, separation technology to satisfy the needs of demanding customers, and to offer the best and easy handling distillation apparatus.
It is also an important part of our activities to furnish customers with the following services under consignment arrangement:
* For distillation of customers' samples from which components required are taken out.
* To recover for the purpose of recycle by distillation of waste liquid, which may cause environmental pollution.
* To accumulate various valuable data through distillation experiments.
We offer chemical reaction laboratory equipment in accordance with order specification, using different kind of materials such as glass, quartz, Acrylic resin, Teflon, vinyl chloride resin, stainless steel, iron and steel, Hastelloy, etc. or the combination of the above mentioned materials. We also offer special electrode, different kind of sensing probes to meet with customers' applications.